lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

ESPECIAL HOUSE: Electronic & Psicotronic

1ª locución: Larry Heard - Missing You

Jesse Saunders - On & On (Jes Say Records, 1984)

Frankie Knuckles - You Can't Hide From Yourself (D.J. International Records, 1986)

Larry Heard a.k.a. Mr. Fingers - You Can Feel It (Trax Records, 1986)

Adonis - No Way Back (Trax Records, 1986)

Marshall Jefferson - House Music Anthem (Trax Records, 1986)

2ª locución: Virgo - Mechanically Replayed 

Blaze - You Don't Really Love Me (Motown, 1990)

Mateo & Matos - Maw Basics (Black Label / Deep Level Records, 1994)

De' Lacy - Hideway (Easy Street Records, 1995)

Theo Parrish - Black Music (Sound Signature, 2012)

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